23 April 2005

Blank Blank

I'm here. How exciting. Just yestyrday i had an interesting two minute conversation with Rita. We never have anything good to say to eachother, most of it is insults, arguments and silly emotion crap. Well this is how it goes:
Rita: Fowzia you're boring
Me: Well no offense Rita but you're boring too.
She looks at me blankly then turns away and smiles slightly
Me: (carries on) And two boring people don't really have fun together.

To tell you the truth we have this wierd relationship, we bemoan how horrid the world is listen to eachother, criticise eachother then go off on our merry way.There was that one time she called me too proud to ask for help when i need it. I know that, i give more easily than i take, long term habit of mine, not to mention the guilt. Another comment before i go, we all have power, power over our own choices, no one can make you do something you don't want to do, no one can turn you into something you don't want to be; that is unless you let them.

omg. that is exacly what my post is about! that girl i wrote about calls me 'broin' wen all my other m8z say Im the most fun m8 tahey have, lol. and she says im too proud 2 admit when im wrong n need help. IM STILL IGNORIN HER!
ahhh that convo is classic, absolutely classic, no offence, buh yeh fawzia, rita was rong, coz u aint borin, wah u shud av sed was 'no rita u are boring. u are calling me boring coz u are in denial. a fun person lyk me and a boring person like you can never get along. coz u dont like fun and i dont like boredum'

boom. shes owned.
fowzia... ur not boring - jus do what anj says, that'll shut her up... thumbs up to all that power stuff...
yeh...jus like that and khaboom..let her go figure.

u rock fuzzzz...so tel her to go lock herself in a library closet.

soz, i had ta come back, coz like, no mater how many times i tel u that u rock u never believe me :(
ok, im STILL in the process of ignorin *annoyin girl* a.k.a the girl i wrote about.
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