22 April 2005

people suck... part two...

yes they really do.... between now and my posting a comment to part one my mums tailor phoned to find out whether or not me and rida got into st doms... bloody nosy cow - only cos her daughter got in (i also hate competition)... now i'm really annoyed... the only other time she phones is to tell us that our clothes are ready... grrrrrr.......

a word of advice: don't phone to find out whether i've got into the same college as your daughter - you will live to regret it...

lol, i wonder if we'll b m8z 4eva, n if ull call me, n ill call u. and 1 day, im gonna say 'anjam, howd ur exam go, i got A*.
inshallah, well go that far...right?!?
ur m8 4eva!
dis post wasnt ritten by me though, lolz, it was ritten by the hafu the hafsa the HRH, yeh, lol

buh yeh, inshallah.
lol... how can u confuse us? im the nutty one remember? but lol... yeah i'll call ya one day... an stalk ya lyk...
lolz,soz,i wazwritinsumin bout anjamonmy site the same time,lolz
yeah i read that on ya blog... and btw - you keep spelling anjums name wrong!
lol....*rollseyes*-jus typical wen peeps are besotted wiv u init :P..kiddin...
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