10 May 2005


These four years have been the most incredible years fo my life. I've transformed into a person that I only knew existed in my daydreams and make believe. A chance to strat anew, who ever said high scholl changes your life, was right. I've been shaped into a stronger, confident Fowzia. No longer, extremely shy, quiet and nervous girl, i'm finally me! This journey has only begun, the road to self-actualisation is being walked but taken one step at a time.
In my notebook of memories, i've done something i've ever done before. Adapted. smiled and laughed everyday, felt special , felt as if my futurewas mine and no one elses. these i'll treasure, because mean while as i write this i'm thinking of all the influencial people in my life, but mostly, Hafsa, Chloe and Anjum.
they always saw me, not Fowzia, but ME, the girl who so desperately wanted her chance in the world and they did the most noblest thing. Even if they don't realise it themselves, they let her out.
And Rita. I see all my weaknesses in her, but i know somewhere lie all her stenghts. Now i've run out of words.

awwwwwwwwww ma baby has broken outa her cacooon...woohooo :party:...lol jus kidin..aww thats so beautiflly ritten man, cuteness totaly cuteness...u rock my world *faints*

...and im band from da comp, so ima go now and delete this from da comps memory...waslam xx
anjz right, usaid taht soo nicely!
awwwww....... fowzia - i couldn't have put it better myself... just mind you don't turn into me: there will be bad consequences... guaranteed...
oh btw fowz... what was the noble fing we did? i dun get it... sorry i know im being a dumbwad but todays french oral sucked the utmost life outta me...
it suked her lyf, coz she got an A insted of a A*...ohhhhhhhhh the horrrrrrrrorrrrrrr...*runs to room cryin*....

.....revision is kilin me, and derz sumbig up spinder hangin ubuv me.....arghhhhhhhhhhhhh
act-shirley... i don't know what grade i got so BLAH... yeah revision sucks... and i've lost my spanish accent cos french is just etched in my mind... and as they say in urdu (cos i cnt express it in any other language)... 'zabaan per char gaya'
as dey say in spanish....

wato u sayo???
well no actually.... thats not what they say in spanish so blaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh again!
AHHH you got an A* me friendy no worries, i'm trin not to loose ma boice from all the french oral practise at home, mine on mondays, you guys just crack me up! *falls over and breaks* see wat u do to me!
awww fuzzi..... might see you on monday then cos me and anj got r spanish... that is if i turn up cos it's not like i've been revising is it now *hangs head in shame*
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