12 May 2005

Permanent Break

Yeah... that's what I'm on right now... my French Oral really did suck the life outta me - I have done absolute jack since and it's really quite bad... so like... I went to my Khalas today to try and study ('cause I have guests round mine) bladibla... got there bright and early - 8:30am to be precise - and I tried to do some Spanish but got bored then I did the unthinkable: Science... and I think it was the air in my Khala's house or something that made me do that 'cause me doing Science is a very rare sight indeed - the day something scientific actually goes into my head will be a public holiday... so yeah, then I got bored of that after about five minutes and watched some tele... then my Khala got home from her exam... and then my Nani came back from her walk... and we sat in front of the tele and before I knew it, it was 2pm! I was just like whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa how did that happen?!?!?! But... umm... I did manage to get some cramming in after that and when I got home, I aksed my mother-dear to test me on my Spanish Oral.... and omg - it was so difficult to say anything! I'm blaming my French Oral for that 'cause the prep for that got me thinking in French and now I can't stop! But omg... it was so hard... my accent is just so messed up right now... and I think I'm gonna go cry into my pillow now because I have nothing left to say... *sob*

wat gradeo did ya madre give ya??....a B?...oh how cud i think so low...an A??.....ya Allah, im feelin ya pain sis, no * after that A makes me want to kill myself toooo....boooooo...hooooooo...

note to self:when you have no frends left due to your bad sarcasm..only then will you realise how bad revising was for you.
lolz. anj girl, u crakin me up. ooohhhh, dnt worry girl, ull get thru ur tezts, i got mine next week 2....*runz 2 open book n strt revsing*
anj... ur really asking to b blanked man - i suggest u stop revisin now before u have no mates left :P and plusssssssss... argh - jus shup....
NO U SHURUP........sameera sez hi ta yall......
tsk tsk... you're always on some kinda line... if not online then on the phone line... hi to samsam btw.. lol.. and no... i'm not gonna shurup - i strongly advise us to both continue talking... preferably right now in spanish but wishful thinking doesn't seem to be taking its toll today :(
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