15 June 2005

All Wound Up

Yes... so... twas my cousins birthday today, henceforth reason for yet another enriching family gathering *cringe*... and as always someone has to wind me up so I feel like chucking my plate full of half-eaten goodies at them. How fun. Ever felt like it's only ever you? Man, it sucks. But like, I'm not the only one... and I feel sorry for my cousin too - poor thing gets double the crap I get... but hey, they wouldn't be your family if they didn't anger/depress/upset/annoy/confuse you senseless.

In other news... went for some "retail therapy" (as my mum likes to call it - as opposed to shopping which is so much easier to say but no, she has to be extra) today. Was alright-ish... got a(nother) skirt and two t-shirts and it's really at times like these when I wish I was earning for myself because I just know that my mum is going to use the cost of it all against me when I *cough* piss her off. Life would be a million times easier if I didn't have to depend on anyone... *sigh*

So, I'm all wound up - can you tell?

lolz. yeah my mum already makes me pay for the things i get. comes outta my allowance, oh well, atleast i get it eh?
yeah... allowance is ayt yeah - when you actually get one... mine stopped a year ago cos i overspent on holiday :(
lol. i don't have an allowance i just ask and usually get, u know that no one can resist THE FACE.
But yeah.. i know how annoying family gatherings can be, i had one yesturday and it was only four people. i could hear my three year old cousin screaming even with my headphones on and playin. Yep, it annoyed me to hell.
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