18 June 2005


I am sooo glad dis week iz ova coz i had 2 examz 2day n 2 yday!!!!Talk about stress!!Well newayz sum pppl hu i dont even no, hav decided dat i am officially a budhima:( Basically wen i came home 2day i had sum mail n surprisingly no1 had opened it. N it woz from sum pension company!!!!!!!!!I mean do i lk lyk a budhimaa....fetch ma walkin stik sum 1 pweeeeez!
ma dad woz lyk ryt bak 2 em, n say id luv 2 draw on ur pension scheme but i am onli 16. lol

haha... lol - why don't you accept and get a headstart? ;)
i need ta revise.
one of yall put nazar on me yeh. you know yall did. coz b4 i cud revise, now i cant, now i suck...now ima fail.
Allah av mercy on me soul.

satsumii i fink you should accept man....wats the questun agen??
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