09 June 2005

The Half Mark


Hope you're all doing well, inshaAllah - not too stressed and making the best of the lovely weather while myself and numerous others are cooped up in exam rooms writing til we have kinks in our fingers. So, I'm about half way through my exams and it's nearly the end of a weekful of exams - I can't believe it's already Thursday... the weeks gone so fast. Y'know, people were saying to me a couple of weeks ago that these exams'll be over before I know it. Well... they're not yet over but I gotta admit this week has sped by pretty fast and, though I don't feel a very strong sense of achievement, I still feel like I have accomplished a reasonable amount and haven't over-worked too much - in fact, I'm probably underworking but there we go. So yeah, right now I'm sitting in school next to Anjum and listening to a lovely Nasheed (but we dunno who it's by - lol) and now... I think I'm gonna surf a bit then go back to History revision :(



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