13 June 2005

Inciting Religious Hatred Blablabla...

So...ummm... was flicking through the Independant today when my mother dear bought it home after work. I came across this in the Editorial and Opinion section, under letters to the editor. Just for some backgorund info (so you can actually understand it)... as most of us should know, there's a bill going through Parliament that says, in short, that you can't diss another persons religion. This also includes witches (wiccan), satanists, pagans etc etc... so this geeza writes in:

"In the 2001 census, 390,127 declared themselves as followers of the Jedi religion. Does this mean that a critical review of a Star Wars film (surely the Jedi equivalent of the Bible or the Qur'an) would fall foul of the religious hatred laws?" Mark Coton, Okehampton, Devon.

I just had to share that with you =D

hahahahaha...wat a joka....theres a jedi religion??....lol...cute..haraam...but cute
i got a light-sabre....dnt mess
*pulls light sabre out*
*waves it around blindly*
ha...seee thats wat happens wen u mess w/ a jedi master
lol sapphire u joka...

u know, now i think about it, i reckon at least half those 300 and however many thousand ppl put jedi down to take the mick and piss the govt off a bit lol
why wud i take da piss outta da govt.? *AnGeLiC*
*zschoom*-oopsie...there goes ma light sabre....
*shock horror* u put jedi down as ur religion in the census?
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