12 June 2005

Just A Note To Say...

... Salaam.

So like, I thought I'd find out how my sisters were doing... hopefully chilling and relaxing if you're exams are over and if not slogging away, going into detailed analyses of which bright spark invented the ideology of doing exams to prove how clever clever people are and how dumb dumb people are. Oh, the fun.

MashaAllah, I came onto Brittistan today and there were loads of fresh posts that really cheered me up. That's what I love about being part of it all.

Nothing much more to report, haven't done any work whatsoever because there's been so much more other utterly pointless stuff to do, but InshaAllah, tomorrow the house'll be free and empty so I won't be as distracted with family and what not - also will try not to use the PC until I'm satisfied with the amount of work I've done. Ciao for now.


salaam!! hey, u sure do have work 2 do! 'u wnt b comin on till ur satisfied with the amount of work uve done eh?' wanna bet?take care,
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