13 June 2005

My Grand Adventure

Alright... Kalsoom wins - I couldn't stay offline, but I had the sudden urge to blog... and this is why...

So like... my opticians phoned on Friday before my exam to tell me my new specs were ready so I decided that today I would go and pick them up... alongside some stuff my mum wanted and also my happy pills (lol - kidding, my hayfever tablets).

So, this morning... got up, lazed about a bit, showered, got ready, hijabified and abayahfied myself and left.

Mistake number 1: Wearing my new Khusseh. Why? Well, these ones are not open back yet fit comfortably or so I thought... half way to South Harrow my feet start killing. It's too late to go back home and pointless anyway because it's not like it's Anjums wedding or anything that I need to make any fashion statements :P so; I continue walking.

Get my tabs etc.
My feet kill.

Get my specs.
My feet kill.

The back of each shoe is digging right into the back of my feet and also my pinky toes either side. Did I mention it killed?

And then, I begin walking back home. It was so tempting to take my shoes off in the middle of South Harrow and walk home bare-foot. I had had enough already. I turned into the station walkway dying, trying my best not to look anyone in the eye for fear of asking them if they happened to be carrying any foot plasters. I was walking pretty fast, which was bad and no better than walking slowly... and, for the first time in my life I saw this route as the worlds longest trek.

So like, then I turn into my road and think sod it... I just took off my shoes there and then and carried on walking. It was so relieving - for a moment... then I felt something wet on the back of my abayah and got as confused as hell. Don't laugh - but the only time the back of my abayah gets wet is when I step in a puddle... and I'm there thinking "it's a dry day... where the hell would a puddle come from?" So I was just like meh and looked at my Khusseh to see if they were wet or something and noticed two humungous red splodges on the backs of them. The wet stuff was blood. I was just like OK... there's me thinking I would have two inconspicuous bumps on both feet but no... they were bleeding. A lot.

So my trek continues... bare foot and there's some survey guy coming my way and I'm like, "alright Hafsa, you gots two options here... stop and put your shoes on or just walk past like all is normal" Either way I woulda looked like a pleb so I just carried on, handbag and shopping bag on one arm, handbag slipping away profusely and shoes in the other hand. I wish somebody had videoed me... I could send it off to Crimestoppers : "Have you seen this Moslem terrorist?"

So, anyways... I finally get home, run upstairs, empty my hands and go and analyse my feetsies. Wow... modern art or what? They were bleeding like no ones business... so I go clean myself up, disinfect my feet and bladiblah and discover that there aren't any plasters so I'm sitting here with extremely sore backs of feet and pinky toes that are very pink indeed. Somebody get me a plaster. Please.

As always... there is a lesson in this post: If you have big fat feet like Hafsa's, never ever, under any circumstances, try and be remotely stylish and wear Khusseh. Choose the never failing Aunty Jee flex: Chappals. You can't go wrong.

hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa *breate* hahahahahahahahahahhahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (anjum lafter loud and obnoxiously contageous)...LOLZZ...awwwww ma pooor babyyyyyy...but thats tooo funnnyyyyyyy....aww hope u iz ok though...cuff cuff...mwahz...av a flower...
Aww, my poor darling! how are your feet doing now?
they r fine thank you.i had some bunyons a while back but they have healed. how are yours???

More importantly ow are hafinders???

Thanx fo calin me ya poor darling..haha....ur a cutie too *wink*
hahahahahaaaa... lollzzzz - i haven't blogged like that for a while now have i? i can just imagine ur laugh anj, and it sounds great :P... so anyways, back to the feetsies - they're hurting like mad, can't sit on em in some positions but yeah... glad to hear i'm not the only one with feet issues :cough: bunyons :cough:... you know when i was writing that i tought of that time when u were at my yrd (anjinder) and ur chappals made the bottoms of your feet orange and you foot-printed on my patio!!!
lol...excuse me dear why aint u online?
neither am i...but anyhowwwwwww...bak ta maths....
awwwww...u poor huni....Anjum...stop takin da mick!
loll... nah it's alright she can take the mick - we haven't laughed like that together for a while now :P... plus she's done some pretty dumb stuff too =D
oooooooooooh...do tell...then il go and put it on islamica....'dumb stuff cricketgals dun'
lolll hahah - tell em she's gonna buy a fake burberry hijaab :P
dont do it sapphy.
or i'll find you.
i'll find you, and i''l find amir khan and then i'll tell the BBC you are marryin him.
Then we'll seee....

The scarf is as real as the gold they weaR!!!!!!

im sad
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