09 June 2005


Today, our darling unnamed *in my opinion* Blackbird chick, passed away in his/her sleep. May he/her rest in peace. Our Darling *Raven whom briefly touched our lives, when he/her was rescued by my compassionate brother from the clutches of our Darling Neo, our half cat, just yesturday. He/She was a beautiful Chicky.
P.S: Exact time of death unknown

inalilahi....??..dare i continue....???

ummm may your brother be rewarded for his just act inshallah..(:flower:)

disrespect mr ahmed *tsk tsk*

Hmmmmm, woteva!!!
People , it wasn't meant to be funny. When i was writing it it was suposed to be SAD. But, i was in a funny mood then and it turned out Funny. Really i kept a straight face throughout, then laughed after i realised how silly it sounded. But the birdy is buried, i'm actually glad its dead. To tell the truth i didn't expect it to live past the night and the fact that my brother short of suffocated it, well...
That sound insincere, but saying it anyother way would make it sounf worse, believe me i've tried *in my head'course*.
lollll - i bet u'd b the first one to cry if your fishy or kitty died, ahmed!!!
i cried when my hamster died...of electricution. it was a sad day for all.
Actually I've been deprived of keeping pets
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