11 June 2005

SPAM *Specially Pressed American Meat*

I'm in a funny mood today. Who wouldn't be, with a giant orchad, less apples sitting on your head. Lucky for me, I have decided that i shall let it grow! Crazy idea, ne? When it already drives me crazy. Ok, i'm babblin', what i actually meant to talk about is SPAM.
No offense me fwendies but it gets real annoying when i get sent FW or chain mail. Its the same email, circulating around the very web, crazy ne? Very. Especially the wons that threaten you with bad luck for the rest of your already semi-miserable life, we don't need that! AND all those web hoaxs, i end up having to check out the information in most of them. E.G:Bill Gates and AOL merger...load of crappiness. And the Bonzai Kitten Crap, that really messed with me, my Bst Friend was gonna write a letter to the newspapers bout it.
Finally, Hackers and email viruses. Bloody hell! We have some really wacked out people living in this world. They need to go to school and get a job. Anyways wats the point in hacking into someone elses account? Only the less experienced would do that. Ok, if you think about it, most firewalls can be breached and we usually have less security on our PCs. Less than thos ein high tech facilities and banks.
We live in a society were doing illegal things is considered mostly cool. If Rules are meant to be broken, why do we even have them, there should be a law that makes breaking laws a crime. Wait a second, breaking a law is a crime but who cares. I myself have broken many rules and still do, even though i know the consequences, but that me, i have lots of faces most people don't see.
the title was stolen from my history book, under Britain in the second world war, Subheading Rationing. That my friends without any appropriate acknowledgements is a copyright infringement. I know bad Kai.
Bye bye.
*ignore me i'm in a funny mood*

hahahahahaaaa...wat a post...wat a post...clap clap clap...super...haha...
except for the first paragraph...dint no wah da hek u was on then..ahem buh the rest was absolutley beautiful!!!!!!
LOllies, i started to get angry as i was writing it. *shoutin in my head* the rabbits are realy bashin my head in, can't think straight. I need carrots, good for the eye, good for rabbits. I haven't been eating my lettuce lately, or cabbage, they get Angry. *makes face*
hey howz u? enjoyed readin that, i h8 FWDs 2, unless their funny or interestin or ask u 2 fill sumin in n send it along, lolz
Fine thnx...
loll.... that's brilliant - you know i think we should start our own angry-terrorists-newspaper... we'd do so well!
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