02 July 2005

Sane or Insane? That is the question

I have officially gone haywire. My brain is fired!Melt down melt down! I don't need help, or therapy wat i need is some magic fairy dust *yeah in my dreams*. Make those idiotic people in my life vanish. I have lost nine games in a row can you believe that? of course you can?????
Calm.................maybe its the fact that i watch scary movies at night then write in my diary till 12, and wake up at 3:30, three hours of sleep, you'd be appalled at all the bad thoughts that go through my head.
I finally found my telephone cable, wat has this to do with insanity, its was driving me crazy, looking and worrying for the damn thing. But ist only a cable? no its not, its my cable and i found it hiding under my black skirt after i gave my room a manicure. the lesson to be learnt:keep your room tidy.
My books are driving me crazy!! theres this one book i WANT to buy but i can't because i told mum, i wouldn't buy any books for a while, no its not Harry Potter, its more entertaining, when i think up alternate endings in which Harry dear dies horribly *i wish*, or dumbledore gets fried by Hermione and her magic wand, or scenarios...you get the gist of it......
I'm don't feel insane anymore, i love you guys, you always have an answer to my problems!

salaamz. what book du wanna buy? tell us!! and, Harry Potter doesnt come out till another 13 days so it cnat be that anyway! Maybe u should cut soit cant be that. u should cut down on the scary movies.
g2g, salaam
P.S i wanna go livin islam!
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