07 January 2006


Assalamualaikum y'all
been such a long time since i last blogged here, but i'd just like to say eid mubarak in advance to everyone and have a good one, and remember moi in your duas pweez...but it seems as tho this place is dead *cries* he death of a legacy....well we'll just have to make dua that it's just sleeping!
And people, before you go around celebrating eid and getting into clothes and what have yous these 10 days of dhul-hijjah are EXTREMELY important, so remember ALLAH swt. at ALL times, and no matter what you are doing, be it studying or be it at home, there is ALWAYS time to pray a simple durood, and give salams to our nabi (saw), for it is he who will intervene for us on the day of judgment.....yea so thats all from me, and i'd just like to say that may Allah swt grant you all good health, and long lives, as well as loadsa barkat (spelling?) and happiness, and a DEENI HUSBANDS!!!! inshAllah, and ameen
XxXxX sapphy

(ps. if something i said is a little bit off, or weird, my apologies and i dont mind being corrected !)

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