28 July 2006

salams kids


and many other greetings! 'Tis the one, the only, (and the most exquisite)Sapphire here.
and here i am to tell y'all a lovely story, about love, hope, sorrows and faith.

once there were three girls. The foundation of the bmp. all three were beautiful muslimahs, each one of them in their own way. They hd met in the most strangest of manners, united on islamicaweb.com by their colloquial manner of speaking. their names were:
and finally sapphire.
the three girls bonded as much as one could over the 'net. they shared their deepest, darkest secrets, delving into each otheres souls, and sharing what others might have thought as trivial things. They were as united as could be.

But over time the bond broke.
they saw little of each other online.
and now the bmp girls are seperate.
as seperate as the leaves on a branch.
united only by one thing.
their religion.
every once in a while, the wind blowing them close enough to touch. but then moving them away once more.

wsalam kids.
another story next time insh'allah :)

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