26 June 2005

Living Islam

Any info wud be apreciated...im tryin to get the family 2 go...jazaks......

24 June 2005

New Look

Salam my hunys. Hope thou art all doing well inshallah.

And i hope yall like the new look aswell inshallah.

If yall have any suggestions, anything else ya wanna do to it, link with me inshallah.


ps- yall can leave messages on posts again..woohoooo..lol ...if you wanna comment and the comment thing at the bottom of the post isnt working, go to the right column, press on the post name, at the bottom of that post it will have comments, and leave it there...:)..inshallah i pray it works...lol...

pps- lol, soz i'm back, to jus say, at the botom of the blog, it dont say our names, lol...so like we all gotta either rite who we are at the botom of a post or pick a culur...if yall wanna pick a coulor then its liek furst cum first served and if ya wanna jus rite who yall are then yall can do that too....

ahem...*cricketgal* :)

23 June 2005



20 June 2005

Coming soon...

Be prepared for a renevation soon.

very soon.

extremely soon.

like soon.

no i really mean it.

like superdupioisly soon.

coming to a blog near you.

19 June 2005

Tell Me A Lie

Tell me a lie
When promises kept
Are meant to be broken
To disentangle from a web
So intricately woven
Is so impossible a task
It is better left unspoken
And woe to who
Breaks promises meant to be unbroken
As it becomes ever harder
To disentangle from the web of lies
That is your life.

P.S: There are times when we don't want to hear the truth.

18 June 2005


I am sooo glad dis week iz ova coz i had 2 examz 2day n 2 yday!!!!Talk about stress!!Well newayz sum pppl hu i dont even no, hav decided dat i am officially a budhima:( Basically wen i came home 2day i had sum mail n surprisingly no1 had opened it. N it woz from sum pension company!!!!!!!!!I mean do i lk lyk a budhimaa....fetch ma walkin stik sum 1 pweeeeez!
ma dad woz lyk ryt bak 2 em, n say id luv 2 draw on ur pension scheme but i am onli 16. lol

16 June 2005

The Big Countdown

Well... dunno about anyone else - but for Anjum and I (lol - sounds like a film), it's time for the good ole 3... 2... 1... yep, 3 more exams to go - Stats, French and History. Can hardly wait - can you? I can just sense the freedom =D

15 June 2005

All Wound Up

Yes... so... twas my cousins birthday today, henceforth reason for yet another enriching family gathering *cringe*... and as always someone has to wind me up so I feel like chucking my plate full of half-eaten goodies at them. How fun. Ever felt like it's only ever you? Man, it sucks. But like, I'm not the only one... and I feel sorry for my cousin too - poor thing gets double the crap I get... but hey, they wouldn't be your family if they didn't anger/depress/upset/annoy/confuse you senseless.

In other news... went for some "retail therapy" (as my mum likes to call it - as opposed to shopping which is so much easier to say but no, she has to be extra) today. Was alright-ish... got a(nother) skirt and two t-shirts and it's really at times like these when I wish I was earning for myself because I just know that my mum is going to use the cost of it all against me when I *cough* piss her off. Life would be a million times easier if I didn't have to depend on anyone... *sigh*

So, I'm all wound up - can you tell?

People say i'm not ok...


I start of with ...
Quote of the day : #Have You seen my childhooooood......
.......People say im not okkkkkkkkkkk#

Brownie points to whoever can tell me who sang that song. Anyone guess?...Brownie points are gettin scarce, you know you want yours.......noo...?.....i'll tell you..my dear ol' friend Mika'il Jameel, known to most people as Micheal Jackson, Wacko Jacko, didnt no how wacko he'd turn out to be when he was writing the lyrics to that song eh!!
Yeh so the brother (revert to islam inshallahhhhh) is now officially free. They were showing his whole after-trial blab on tv, which my brother was watching so intentley yesterday, and then popped up that song, over, and over, and over again. I was in hysterics, like major fits. The brother didnt know how right he was! And it is therefore, todays quote of the day!!

In other news, me and my dearest papa, just had this funny convo:

Paps : Look what i found *shows newspapaer*
Jumz : *Looks..blah*...oh yeh....(newspaper title-'More Lawyers are earning over 1 milion pounds now' -my dad wants be ta be a profesional liar..cuff lawyer )...I dont wanna be a millionaaireeeeeeeeeee
Paps : Why not?
Jumz: Bein' a millionaire is boring..hahahahhahahahaaaa
Paps : You children dont understand the value of money
Jumz : hah, *quick anjum, change the subject!!* you only buy those big broadsheet papers to look all buisinessy dont you....
Paps : No, i buy them coz im indian...they were free...

So much for value of money eh.
Hah, my dad is cute.
I bet your thinking,'everyone is cute to cricketgal'....hah...not true...calling people cute is a way of showin ma affection ( you hear that hafsaaaaaaa!! )and stop backbiting about me in your head!!!

Oh yeh, i had a maths exam too today. But no one cares about that.


13 June 2005

Inciting Religious Hatred Blablabla...

So...ummm... was flicking through the Independant today when my mother dear bought it home after work. I came across this in the Editorial and Opinion section, under letters to the editor. Just for some backgorund info (so you can actually understand it)... as most of us should know, there's a bill going through Parliament that says, in short, that you can't diss another persons religion. This also includes witches (wiccan), satanists, pagans etc etc... so this geeza writes in:

"In the 2001 census, 390,127 declared themselves as followers of the Jedi religion. Does this mean that a critical review of a Star Wars film (surely the Jedi equivalent of the Bible or the Qur'an) would fall foul of the religious hatred laws?" Mark Coton, Okehampton, Devon.

I just had to share that with you =D

My Grand Adventure

Alright... Kalsoom wins - I couldn't stay offline, but I had the sudden urge to blog... and this is why...

So like... my opticians phoned on Friday before my exam to tell me my new specs were ready so I decided that today I would go and pick them up... alongside some stuff my mum wanted and also my happy pills (lol - kidding, my hayfever tablets).

So, this morning... got up, lazed about a bit, showered, got ready, hijabified and abayahfied myself and left.

Mistake number 1: Wearing my new Khusseh. Why? Well, these ones are not open back yet fit comfortably or so I thought... half way to South Harrow my feet start killing. It's too late to go back home and pointless anyway because it's not like it's Anjums wedding or anything that I need to make any fashion statements :P so; I continue walking.

Get my tabs etc.
My feet kill.

Get my specs.
My feet kill.

The back of each shoe is digging right into the back of my feet and also my pinky toes either side. Did I mention it killed?

And then, I begin walking back home. It was so tempting to take my shoes off in the middle of South Harrow and walk home bare-foot. I had had enough already. I turned into the station walkway dying, trying my best not to look anyone in the eye for fear of asking them if they happened to be carrying any foot plasters. I was walking pretty fast, which was bad and no better than walking slowly... and, for the first time in my life I saw this route as the worlds longest trek.

So like, then I turn into my road and think sod it... I just took off my shoes there and then and carried on walking. It was so relieving - for a moment... then I felt something wet on the back of my abayah and got as confused as hell. Don't laugh - but the only time the back of my abayah gets wet is when I step in a puddle... and I'm there thinking "it's a dry day... where the hell would a puddle come from?" So I was just like meh and looked at my Khusseh to see if they were wet or something and noticed two humungous red splodges on the backs of them. The wet stuff was blood. I was just like OK... there's me thinking I would have two inconspicuous bumps on both feet but no... they were bleeding. A lot.

So my trek continues... bare foot and there's some survey guy coming my way and I'm like, "alright Hafsa, you gots two options here... stop and put your shoes on or just walk past like all is normal" Either way I woulda looked like a pleb so I just carried on, handbag and shopping bag on one arm, handbag slipping away profusely and shoes in the other hand. I wish somebody had videoed me... I could send it off to Crimestoppers : "Have you seen this Moslem terrorist?"

So, anyways... I finally get home, run upstairs, empty my hands and go and analyse my feetsies. Wow... modern art or what? They were bleeding like no ones business... so I go clean myself up, disinfect my feet and bladiblah and discover that there aren't any plasters so I'm sitting here with extremely sore backs of feet and pinky toes that are very pink indeed. Somebody get me a plaster. Please.

As always... there is a lesson in this post: If you have big fat feet like Hafsa's, never ever, under any circumstances, try and be remotely stylish and wear Khusseh. Choose the never failing Aunty Jee flex: Chappals. You can't go wrong.

12 June 2005

Osama bin London

In other news.....well did any of you watch 'Dont panick, i'm islamic' ?, it came on today at 7pm. haha...mashalah...haah. well twas from loadsa muslims points of veiws ( Lord Ahmad, Salma Yakoob..to name a few )...bout their thoughts on being british muslims, and terorism and all. I thought, it was a real well thought out programme. Aity, sure there was that bit where they showed the suicide bombers and what not, but we expect that dont we, and then there was this other whacked out 'muslim' guy, who decided ta change his islamic identity to a jewish one, coz he wasnt getin no jobs and he thought living in britain and wearing hijab and not drinking was wrong, but then we expected that too.
But actually, i thought it was a decent programme showing the veiws of rational (apart from anti-hijab guy) and educated muslims.

One bit shocked me thoguh. they were on bout british terrorists, and they showed one newsreel...'Approximately 100,000 british muslims have had military terorist training'...me and ma mum started creasin, and i jus turned to ma older bro and was like 'is there sumin you aint tellin me bro'...haha....coz i mean really, is that the most crap you've heard or what.

And then they showed the bit were Bush is like' you either with us or the terrorists' and all the peopel were lyk....hmmm..'well i aint with you...soooo.....'....but really seeing his face after so long made me wanta spit.

alhamdulilah...any one else watch it-tghere was this cockney imam , he was a jokaaaa....yeh....any one watch it...anyone....anyone at all...???

Just A Note To Say...

... Salaam.

So like, I thought I'd find out how my sisters were doing... hopefully chilling and relaxing if you're exams are over and if not slogging away, going into detailed analyses of which bright spark invented the ideology of doing exams to prove how clever clever people are and how dumb dumb people are. Oh, the fun.

MashaAllah, I came onto Brittistan today and there were loads of fresh posts that really cheered me up. That's what I love about being part of it all.

Nothing much more to report, haven't done any work whatsoever because there's been so much more other utterly pointless stuff to do, but InshaAllah, tomorrow the house'll be free and empty so I won't be as distracted with family and what not - also will try not to use the PC until I'm satisfied with the amount of work I've done. Ciao for now.


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11 June 2005

Im luvin it!

Hero's Sword
You are the Heros Sword. You are a pleasant gift to
others. Youre noble and reliable to those you
trust. You are friendly to those who are
friendly to you, but someone who rubs you the
wrong way is in for a great deal of pain. You
make a good friend, and a great partner, but sometimes ppl do not see you the way you are, though that bothers you, you try and ignore it.

Which Zelda Item Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

salaam 2 you all out there. how've u all been? ive been great mash'allah, i talked 2 Anj today, well, taht was the highlight of my day (yea, my life is boring!. She sent me some of her 'songs' and ohhhh, they're just sooooooooo wonderful!!! they're teriffic!! i luv them, i just simply adore them!! Girl u got some undiscovered talent in ya! I finshed the poem I was working on, i think I'll start another one tomorrow-insh'allah! I finsh one and Allah just keeps on passin on some more inspirations in my life. And u lot, allll of uz are a part of that inspiration, I love u all, u a treasure Id hate to loose!

So, well, thats kinda all i dropped by to say. oh and....i wanna go living islam!!!
*glad i let that out!*

Peace out!


you are nayru!goddess of wisdom! you are very calm
and cool about things. some people think that
you don't care! but thats not true! you just
don't panic in bad situations! you can work out
peoples problems in a jiffy. you probabley have
a lovely singing voice as well as beauty!

what goddess are u from zelda?
brought to you by Quizilla

oh and Anj, I'm only jokin! ur convo window always cheers me up!

SPAM *Specially Pressed American Meat*

I'm in a funny mood today. Who wouldn't be, with a giant orchad, less apples sitting on your head. Lucky for me, I have decided that i shall let it grow! Crazy idea, ne? When it already drives me crazy. Ok, i'm babblin', what i actually meant to talk about is SPAM.
No offense me fwendies but it gets real annoying when i get sent FW or chain mail. Its the same email, circulating around the very web, crazy ne? Very. Especially the wons that threaten you with bad luck for the rest of your already semi-miserable life, we don't need that! AND all those web hoaxs, i end up having to check out the information in most of them. E.G:Bill Gates and AOL merger...load of crappiness. And the Bonzai Kitten Crap, that really messed with me, my Bst Friend was gonna write a letter to the newspapers bout it.
Finally, Hackers and email viruses. Bloody hell! We have some really wacked out people living in this world. They need to go to school and get a job. Anyways wats the point in hacking into someone elses account? Only the less experienced would do that. Ok, if you think about it, most firewalls can be breached and we usually have less security on our PCs. Less than thos ein high tech facilities and banks.
We live in a society were doing illegal things is considered mostly cool. If Rules are meant to be broken, why do we even have them, there should be a law that makes breaking laws a crime. Wait a second, breaking a law is a crime but who cares. I myself have broken many rules and still do, even though i know the consequences, but that me, i have lots of faces most people don't see.
the title was stolen from my history book, under Britain in the second world war, Subheading Rationing. That my friends without any appropriate acknowledgements is a copyright infringement. I know bad Kai.
Bye bye.
*ignore me i'm in a funny mood*

10 June 2005

i jus calllleddd ta say.................................


Alhamdulilah 4 examz left for me wah bout the rest of yaz?
Hope everyones good -yes that includes lil mis hijabi shah whos decided ta do a runa ta canada wivout telin me......

hmm in other news, i put the old template back up coz most of yaz sed ya liked this one beter and the tym wen i changed it, i was in a bit of a ahem*bitch* of a mood, but thats gone and im back to bein nice old me..getting high before examz and in examz to prove it, so i decided ta change back the template. And afta the examens i plan on pumpin it up even mo and makin it a hek of a lot nicer than in is-inshallah.

soo wat else, argh nothing really, i am tired, but i am also quite optimistic now, as im geting into the hang of doing examz...hah...finally.
Innshallah i gotta head off to a ladies islamic gathering now, so keep the peace and keep the faith and keep the duahs cumin :D...lol.

Love u all ma dear sisters in islam and in this land..

09 June 2005


Today, our darling unnamed *in my opinion* Blackbird chick, passed away in his/her sleep. May he/her rest in peace. Our Darling *Raven whom briefly touched our lives, when he/her was rescued by my compassionate brother from the clutches of our Darling Neo, our half cat, just yesturday. He/She was a beautiful Chicky.
P.S: Exact time of death unknown

The Half Mark


Hope you're all doing well, inshaAllah - not too stressed and making the best of the lovely weather while myself and numerous others are cooped up in exam rooms writing til we have kinks in our fingers. So, I'm about half way through my exams and it's nearly the end of a weekful of exams - I can't believe it's already Thursday... the weeks gone so fast. Y'know, people were saying to me a couple of weeks ago that these exams'll be over before I know it. Well... they're not yet over but I gotta admit this week has sped by pretty fast and, though I don't feel a very strong sense of achievement, I still feel like I have accomplished a reasonable amount and haven't over-worked too much - in fact, I'm probably underworking but there we go. So yeah, right now I'm sitting in school next to Anjum and listening to a lovely Nasheed (but we dunno who it's by - lol) and now... I think I'm gonna surf a bit then go back to History revision :(


06 June 2005

Gud Luk

Hey everyone. jus wanted 2 say gud luk 2 ya all. Pweez pray 4 me 2.
tc mwhaz

03 June 2005


not been on for years...DAMN THIS REVISION!!!!!!!
.....So wha gwaaan???
apart frm ma sis n Zohra enjoyin themselves in canada and Proud 2 b a muslimah goin umrah and pakistan and lyk everyone foin 2 livin islam camp....WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!I NEEED A BREAK!!!!!!I WANNA GO SUMWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i need sum sympathy....these exams are gettin me down........

Salaamz Sistahz!

Which HP Kid Are You?

lolz, thats what i got when I was doing a HP (harry potter) quiz my m8 sent me a link to....im Hermione! lolz

havent been on here 4 a while have I...oh well I'm back! examz are not sooo over, just when i thought they were over, my islammic studies, geography, arabic and history teacehrs gave us more test.....yes my life IS hard! Man, i miss ya'll sooo much! i was only allowed on the comp 4 a limited time, and in that time my sis comes n tells me i gotta do some research for her....ohh how wondorous the blessings of sisterhood....
Anyway in other news, guess what sistahz...im goin umrah in August! n then im goin Pakiland...should be fun-insha'llah!

I talked 2 Anj 2dy online, soz.....it restrted again (the comp), but it was still frozen so i left it off for a while, just came back but guess your gone revising again...and Hafz howz u doin? haven't talked 2 ya in ages....!!!

As we are now in June....we're getting closer 2 the 'event of the year' *literally*! LIVING ISLAM!!! oh..i can't believe i can't go!!! Zaroah u gotta update me, even Dawud Wharnsby will b there....Whos goin? u lucky ppl!!!!!

We took some photos 2dy (m n 2 of my sis'), lolz, they're soooo funny, ill show u em when they're developed, tehy're sooo funny, lolz!!

Uh-oh, my limited time is up....gotz 2 go now!! And Anj, ill remember to pray 4 ya insh'allah!

luv you all!

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