10 October 2007


Well. It's weird. Uni that is. Everyone is weird. Lots of strangeness. A bit of talent. MY room is cold. AND my window could drop out any minute. BUT i have a towel heater. All is well. My phone pouch is missing. We have a random microwave which appeared from nowhere and no one admits to buying. My slippers squelch. MY feet got cold running through the grass at 1am in slippers. I have food though. So all is still well.

07 September 2007

Salam girls.
And non-existant readers.
And possibly non-existant girls.
It seems that Ramadan is upon us! So soon already! It seems just last week I was posting about my non-circular rotis, and the rest of the girls were excited about Living Islam Camp. But apparantly it's been something like, oh I don't know. Two years.
The very first post, by our very own Cricketgal was on the 16/04/05. I believe it was called "The Beginning"
"Salam.This is the begining inshallah.The begining of the BMP's. The begining of being a brit, a muslimah and proud.I am cricketgal and i will be your host throughout this interesting journey.hah, yeh.wasalam."
How time passes. Eh?
Now we're all up to different things. How scary is that? Cricketgal is off somewhere in foreign lands. A bunch of us are off to uni. z3d still has to pass her A-levels. Some are still GCSE'ing it ;)
Wow. Its weird, huh?
I still remember the days when I typed like a cat had sat on my keyboard. *wipes tear from eye* And we had a lovely thread on islamica. Now islamica is dead. And I learnt how to type.
This feels like a farewell post. Well who knows where life takes us. Two years ago Cricketgal, z3d and I were inseperable. (Metaphorically speaking of course.) Now we barely have super hyper three way convos.
OK, well enough negative (typing.) talk. Insh'allah you will all get what you want out of life. And good husbands too. Now salam. I need to find a cat, to sit on my keyboard.

P.S. Just so you know, I perfected my rotis. =)

29 December 2006

Just for eid


Taday 8pm -9pm GMT
Islam Channel
this sister will be making an appearance ... and mehndi'in on tv.
if you have nothing better to do and want to laugh at a nervous sister, check it out.

now all i need is some mehndi cones :look:
and a website...:gulp:

27 December 2006


They give you one hour breakfasts, then claim you're fat.
You massage their feet, but then their feet "hurt" in the night.
You watch a movie of their choice, then they claim its crap.
You teach them how to use their mobile, then they forget.
I Love my gran.

26 December 2006


i cried when watching cinderella.
i have officially gone soft.

But i dont care about the fact that i felt like hugging Sullivan in Monsters Inc. Coz that bear is so darn cute. Furryness all the way!

Yes... it is easy to forget that one has exams in January.

22 December 2006



....As you see, Brittistan has undergone a dramatic change. I hope y'all like it, because it wasn't easy :p
Also, i hope to see more people visiting Insh'Allah (so y'all start REPRESENTING!)
And finally, if there's anything you wish Cricketgal, or I to add to the layout, don't hesitate to let us know :)


21 December 2006

welcome back

salam yall. walaikumsalam.

As you can see some changes have been happening round the street of brittistan.
fistly, Sapphireeeeeeeeeeeeee is now also administrator along side meself. We be chilling.

Secondly, yet another template change. Pink. Stars. Blame Saph.

Thirdly, we have a load of newbies in the house....so purlease do some intro'ing when u can.. inbetween the heavy study schedules i know yall have :P.

And fourthly, dont forget to check the day yall are celebrating eid..lol... May Allah forgive us all for our differences.. Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday...subhannallah, this is worse than the bickering over Ramadhan dates, as the day of Arafat can only be one day...!! They will be united in Saudi... and yet the rest of the world will be once again in difference.

Anyhows, keep the peace.
And please remember me in ya duas!

Anjum *cricketgal* -undercoversister- K.

great job Saf. but may I ask one thing....why oh why pink?


Whats up?
Whats happening here?
Ah well.
I'm sure y'all will get over it.
And in the meantime,


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