21 December 2006

welcome back

salam yall. walaikumsalam.

As you can see some changes have been happening round the street of brittistan.
fistly, Sapphireeeeeeeeeeeeee is now also administrator along side meself. We be chilling.

Secondly, yet another template change. Pink. Stars. Blame Saph.

Thirdly, we have a load of newbies in the house....so purlease do some intro'ing when u can.. inbetween the heavy study schedules i know yall have :P.

And fourthly, dont forget to check the day yall are celebrating eid..lol... May Allah forgive us all for our differences.. Saturday Sunday Saturday Sunday...subhannallah, this is worse than the bickering over Ramadhan dates, as the day of Arafat can only be one day...!! They will be united in Saudi... and yet the rest of the world will be once again in difference.

Anyhows, keep the peace.
And please remember me in ya duas!

Anjum *cricketgal* -undercoversister- K.

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