19 April 2005


ok so theres this really stuck up girl rirght, in my class, i used 2 b quite good friends with her. but then her best m8 who'd movd 2 another country dumped her, n she changed completely. like became her own person instead of doin what her 'then' best m8 woulda done. n shes been puttin on a pious act from then, n even i was fooled by it until i foun out she was sending this other girl perverted email pretendin 2 b a boy. i know the other girl 2, shes in my class. so, now this girl comes on my site www.freewebs.com/kalsoom and posts stuff like 'grow up' and 'when u gonna become a better muslim' i swear one day im just gonna blab out 2 her 'i dont take advice from a girl who sends another girl perverted emails' and walk away. i gotta go c her in school 2 dy;( life is......unfair!

oh, n i got more news, silly me, leavin it till the end. ok so, i emailed 786, i was polite n all, like u rock, n all that normal fan stuff. n Saad emailed me bck, sayin 'thanskkalsoom, n we're busy most of the time coz som of us have finals comin bck' i emailed him back (dont think he expects the fans 2 email again;s) and i just wanted 2 keep talkin so im like 'du know this guy who somes on this site called 'www.islamicaweb.com'' some random Q in it? lolz. he mailed bck 2 dy n this was his reply (literally)
'whats his name?
lol, thats all.

yayyyyyyyyyy 786 holla holaa, wen ya email em agen, tel em u av dis frend (me) who is their bigest fan and she spreads their CD like wildfire...tel them i wana be recruited as their PR...ok...thanx

ok im in skul now and i gta get bak ta ma art exam. mwahz
oh yeh and stop stalkin 786 yehhh...gosh peopel these dayz....(but if ya do snd em ma slmz!!!)
ok....cricketgal, ill do that, so any tips for this girl i gotta sort out? shes so desperate 2 annoy me she goes on my site EVERY day postin bad stuff in my guestbook!
ignore her.

i have big tym enemies..i ignore em, waorks coz den dey dnt no wat to do wiv emselves coz they have cum to believ the reason fo their existence is to bully or annoy us...and so simply ignore em, and make dua for them.

slap her and whup her puny lil ass...
..or just lisen to meeeeeeeee.not sapphires inhumane advice...but meee...the normal one
yeah, after a seconds thinking i have decided to listen 2 cricketgals advice, no offence saphire, it just seems much more....normal?!lolz
I ma ignorin her, but shes tellin ppl lies about me n theyre believein it. *MAD*
woh0ooo dat is da WAY SISTAAAAAAAAAAA
my advice is normal...u juz need a posse to bak ya up, and fite ur corner....okaaay ima tlkin lyk a G.
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