18 April 2005


i was tld 2day dat i mack a lot. i dnt think i do, i mean thers no lyk hot guys to mack with is ther? but still i was informed of this at lunch 2day. i was later tld dat im just over-frendly. HELP ME PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!!!!!!! I NEED 2 STOP DA MACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so wat else happened today? well it rained. that is all.
buh byeeeeeee

ummm...:look:..im kinda ignorant of this whole thing, buh lyk..what is macking :look:
macking=fliring huni...and the chatboxie thingie still aint workin *MwAhZ*
uh, i know what u mean. but i go 2 a girls skool now. i think its bring 'friendly' that got me in trouble.
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