30 April 2005

my new blog...

itz official i SUCK at makin blogz at blogspot! YOU lot are the real blogspot bloggerz. so i have another blog. b sure 2 visit it! Im deletin my blogspot one, cant b bothered stressin over it, lolz. so the link 2 my NEW and OFFICIAL(insh'allah) blog is.......
i sooo wish it could be multiple userz, but itz not, i thought it was so i made it but only one person can make postz on it ....:( Dnt matter, ya'll b comin on it right.......i think therez a comment section aswell so b postin there 2!
oh and i dunno if ive posted this up already but me n my m8 made this site about nasheedz....www.freewebs.com/nasheedz
check them out!

awwwwwwww...i make u laff
awwwwwwww..i make u laff too


ahem...i mean *shy*
lolz. yh, u lot crack me up. ive updated tye blog! check it out, and dnt 4get 2 leave a comment n say what u think bout the post!
xcuse meeeeee


why u anoyed at me?
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