22 April 2005

people suk


im in skul. crapy ol' skul. it sux. no actually you know wat sux...people suk. yes they all suk. i hate em all. they have no consious, no morality, no knowledge of what is rong and what is rite. 9 days of skuling left for me, ever, and they all suk.

that is how im feeling now. y'all blessed to be nice people, coz its not a blessing everyone has been given.


yeah, most ppl do suck. Especially taht girl whos now my gr8est enemy. shes critisinin me on not wearin my hijab properly wen i do, jsut not in school, co zi go 2 an islamic girls school. n its hot nowdays, so i take the pin off but wen i get out i put it back on again! She JUST strted wearin the hijab outside, and ive been wearin it since i was 6-7. She thinks im an easy target, i cant w8 2 c her face when ALLh deals with her.
that seems a bit evil, dont it...oh welll.....she h8s me, n i h8 her!
Dnt worry anjam, ull get thru it,
awwwww...... anj - i know what this is about - maths innit? gawd - u really are goraphobic... i knew it, knew it allllllllllllll along... i'm upset right now as well - right now i'm thinking hoo-sodding-ray for me... none of my girls r goin to the same college as me :sobs:
no it wasnt bout maths
hey hey muslimahzzzzz!!!

i dont kno buot u guyz buh i luv evry 1 :look:..........im HaPpY!!

sorry to burst ya bubble :D :P
grrrrr - it's alright for some... lol, jus kiddin...
ke ke ke
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