17 April 2005

A story

Once upon a tym i was surfing the web. i lived in a happy happy world, full of of happy happy feelings and sweet sweet thoughts. I also had Homework to do. (jaws themetune plays quietly) i was doing my Religios Studies H/W. A project on Islamic Marriage Laws. So i did wat any otha person wud do i googled it. (themetune gets louder)whilst googling t i came across a link dat sed 'islamica community forums-how many kids u wanna hav' and that was the end of the world as i knew it. (themetune ends, Friends Themetune starts up)
I did the unthinkable. I registered. From then on i was hooked. It was lyk an adiction. i cudnt fite it. i had to giv in to it.
It was there i met Anjum. i also met many others....Jaysh, Jinnz, Anderson, General, Slmz, Hijabi Shah, P2BAM, i contiued my posting ad earned a flashy green neon bar. (rep point bar) i became close frends w/ anjum aka Cricketgal and was then invited to join this prestigious blog.
That is my lyf story so far. I shall update it as soon as sumfin intrestin happens.
thank u 4 listening & buh bye 4 now.


:wipes a tear:

ps-yeh im back, neway ps-u defo gana get a A* for ya English language exam inshallah, haha....toooo cuteeeee
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