01 May 2005


ok aint bloged on ere for a lil time. hope yall catched my 'Problem with Prom' post on my blog! make sure u leave a msg on it bout wah u thought, even if u disagree with me!

Ok, so like if any of you happened to come on this blog today, you may have noticed a change in template, which looked nice. however then it changed to looking gruesom, so i changed it back to the one we know and love. But cant say i never tried!

At the mo, im sufferin with a blocked nose, a sore throat, headache from the onions in the biryani and a really full stomach from some claaasss biryaniii and fruit pudding. Feels like eid :D:D:D. I knew id get a flu right before my exams, i could feel it coming. This sorto thing always happens to me *whyyy*, when i hope so much for sumin to hapen, it dont and vice versa. Like the time when i had the final England u/15 cricket title at Lords to go to, i prayed and played extra careful so not to get injured, but then got the worst injury of my cricketing career yet, and had no choice but to drop out. ahhhh the saddness that i still feel today. But i guess thats a whole blog for another day :( ...*atichu atishu*...Ya Allah, Hafsa, i toldd u it goes through the telefone line but u never listened and just made it worse :( *Sob*

I must take leave, as i have to sort out this randum gal thats tryna chat to my brother on msn..lol...ahh the joys of being a twin and dissin all these kaffir gurls...*looks-kiddin of course!*

Ahhh well..........dont forget to rememba me in ya duas ya'll.

aww...... saary yaar - didn't know talking on the phone would pass my flu onto you! inshaAllah, hope u get betta soon... at least u got biriyani - that's meant to be good for the flu... like my mum always says *rollseyes* "feed the flu"
awwww...poor u! iv gots a chest infection, so i believe that i a gvmnt conspiracy dat we all gets ill b4 our exams...lolzz..IA ul b betta soon
haha u gets me botu da conspiracy..yeh iA we all shud get beter, pray for me, i pray for u, and das da way iA
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