12 June 2005

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so like if i was tah buy a bunch of these...lol....any of the rest of ya cum onto the highstreet with abayas and a burbery scarf with me??? :P.....
lolll... all i'm saying is: NO
inshallah....im buyin it as ma end ah gcses pressieeeee :D :D :D
^^^ this is coming from the one who urges us to be different from the kuffaar??? :P
yes, be different, but spread dawah. and inshallah the day when chavs join islam, that will truely be a blessed day inshallah. Chavistan...*faints*....first dey gna av ta get past the fake gold...but the day that it hapens, my o my...
hahaha lolllzzz... chavistan - u know i still don't fully get who/what chavs are... but lol alrighty then...

but the thing with chavs is yeah... is they'll take the mick of it not being real burberry - so contrary to them joining islam, they'll probably be calling us wannabes......

i could come up with a million excuses but like... i'll let u buy it and realise yourself :P
lil mis hafinder, u should unerstand....who created scarves? muslims. so when in winter they is freesin their neks of and wear scarves, do we cal em wanabees. nahee jee nahee.
Who created gold? INDIANS!!!...so when they go round the world with their blong blong do the indians cum on their doors tellin em they b wanabes, nahee jee nahee.
There are many more of these kind of examples. So if a sista wana wear a CHECKED scarf...ahem...let her!!!!
ahem...*bling bling*..i cant spell :blush:
ahite ahite... (lolll) no need to get so heated. buy it if ya wannit - buh dnt expect me to go anywhr wiv ya lookin like dat :P lol kiddin... yeah go ahead buy it, i guess i dnt like it cos i had enough of burberry and fake burberry when it was in fashion with ppl wearin it all over their bodies like - miniskirts, bikinis - now scarves... it's jus not to my taste yeah... otherwise iz cooooooooool lolll
oh btw.............. LMAO bigtime at da blong blong... hahahahahahahaha (hafsa doing her patronising laugh) an omg - wkd line wiv da indians started the gold flex... hahaha class and ohhhh yeah (lol - while i'm ere) yeah, go ahead - wear a checked scarf, ain't nuffin wrong wid dat... but (fake) burberry? why???
lol...everything in this world is fake, nothing is real, the after life is the true realtity. blong. :P
indeed it is...
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