10 June 2005

i jus calllleddd ta say.................................


Alhamdulilah 4 examz left for me wah bout the rest of yaz?
Hope everyones good -yes that includes lil mis hijabi shah whos decided ta do a runa ta canada wivout telin me......

hmm in other news, i put the old template back up coz most of yaz sed ya liked this one beter and the tym wen i changed it, i was in a bit of a ahem*bitch* of a mood, but thats gone and im back to bein nice old me..getting high before examz and in examz to prove it, so i decided ta change back the template. And afta the examens i plan on pumpin it up even mo and makin it a hek of a lot nicer than in is-inshallah.

soo wat else, argh nothing really, i am tired, but i am also quite optimistic now, as im geting into the hang of doing examz...hah...finally.
Innshallah i gotta head off to a ladies islamic gathering now, so keep the peace and keep the faith and keep the duahs cumin :D...lol.

Love u all ma dear sisters in islam and in this land..

salaam jee... have fun at ya gathering inshaAllah. i got another 6 exams to go, pray for meee *faints*
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