11 June 2005

Im luvin it!

Hero's Sword
You are the Heros Sword. You are a pleasant gift to
others. Youre noble and reliable to those you
trust. You are friendly to those who are
friendly to you, but someone who rubs you the
wrong way is in for a great deal of pain. You
make a good friend, and a great partner, but sometimes ppl do not see you the way you are, though that bothers you, you try and ignore it.

Which Zelda Item Are You?
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salaam 2 you all out there. how've u all been? ive been great mash'allah, i talked 2 Anj today, well, taht was the highlight of my day (yea, my life is boring!. She sent me some of her 'songs' and ohhhh, they're just sooooooooo wonderful!!! they're teriffic!! i luv them, i just simply adore them!! Girl u got some undiscovered talent in ya! I finshed the poem I was working on, i think I'll start another one tomorrow-insh'allah! I finsh one and Allah just keeps on passin on some more inspirations in my life. And u lot, allll of uz are a part of that inspiration, I love u all, u a treasure Id hate to loose!

So, well, thats kinda all i dropped by to say. oh and....i wanna go living islam!!!
*glad i let that out!*

Peace out!


you are nayru!goddess of wisdom! you are very calm
and cool about things. some people think that
you don't care! but thats not true! you just
don't panic in bad situations! you can work out
peoples problems in a jiffy. you probabley have
a lovely singing voice as well as beauty!

what goddess are u from zelda?
brought to you by Quizilla

oh and Anj, I'm only jokin! ur convo window always cheers me up!

mwahzzzzzzz u rock huni....and sheesh(ah)<--haha get it...no i meant sheesh av u got talent mashallah *faint*...
goddess??? i swear thats not allowed :S
lolz, anj, ur the one with the talent. i luv 'arguement with emaning'!!! i keep readin it over n over.
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