26 June 2005

Living Islam

Any info wud be apreciated...im tryin to get the family 2 go...jazaks......

Pleaseeeee comeeeee...i still gta get ma tikets inshallah...none of mi familia wanna / can go :(..so im jus on me own...but still..inshallah pray i can get there :)
yea...same prob here, its juz me who wants 2 go but the fing is who am i gona go wiv? :(
Pray for a solution for me!!!!!!
my whole bloody family wants 2 go except from my aprents. im tryin my HARDEST 2 get the 2 say yes...plz ppl pray they say yes, i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wanna go!!!!!! please pray!!! i need as much prayers as I can get insh'allah!!!!!! please please please pray they say yes!!!!
wat hapenen 2 u goin umrah???
im still going insh'allah, but if i go livin islam, ill still get there in time, my flights 2 days aftre the event!
im goin...iv got my tickets yaar!
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