24 June 2005

New Look

Salam my hunys. Hope thou art all doing well inshallah.

And i hope yall like the new look aswell inshallah.

If yall have any suggestions, anything else ya wanna do to it, link with me inshallah.


ps- yall can leave messages on posts again..woohoooo..lol ...if you wanna comment and the comment thing at the bottom of the post isnt working, go to the right column, press on the post name, at the bottom of that post it will have comments, and leave it there...:)..inshallah i pray it works...lol...

pps- lol, soz i'm back, to jus say, at the botom of the blog, it dont say our names, lol...so like we all gotta either rite who we are at the botom of a post or pick a culur...if yall wanna pick a coulor then its liek furst cum first served and if ya wanna jus rite who yall are then yall can do that too....

ahem...*cricketgal* :)

wow!!! i luv it!!! i really luv it!!
MashAllah...this is soooooooooo good...u can do my blog for me ;)
hey this lookkz reli kwwwwwwlll. I luv it
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