12 June 2005

Osama bin London

In other news.....well did any of you watch 'Dont panick, i'm islamic' ?, it came on today at 7pm. haha...mashalah...haah. well twas from loadsa muslims points of veiws ( Lord Ahmad, Salma Yakoob..to name a few )...bout their thoughts on being british muslims, and terorism and all. I thought, it was a real well thought out programme. Aity, sure there was that bit where they showed the suicide bombers and what not, but we expect that dont we, and then there was this other whacked out 'muslim' guy, who decided ta change his islamic identity to a jewish one, coz he wasnt getin no jobs and he thought living in britain and wearing hijab and not drinking was wrong, but then we expected that too.
But actually, i thought it was a decent programme showing the veiws of rational (apart from anti-hijab guy) and educated muslims.

One bit shocked me thoguh. they were on bout british terrorists, and they showed one newsreel...'Approximately 100,000 british muslims have had military terorist training'...me and ma mum started creasin, and i jus turned to ma older bro and was like 'is there sumin you aint tellin me bro'...haha....coz i mean really, is that the most crap you've heard or what.

And then they showed the bit were Bush is like' you either with us or the terrorists' and all the peopel were lyk....hmmm..'well i aint with you...soooo.....'....but really seeing his face after so long made me wanta spit.

alhamdulilah...any one else watch it-tghere was this cockney imam , he was a jokaaaa....yeh....any one watch it...anyone....anyone at all...???

ohh...no i didnt watch it, i didnt even watch tv 2dy, except i watched hassan n habbibah n behind teh veil on islam channel, n that was on teh net. wish id watched it. sounds good!
behind the veil was *faints*

i loved the book review bit...and the green street hijab hunting *faints*....
mannn... how comes i never hear bout these programmes? i swear - i don't watch nuff tele lolzzz
I watched it. It was brill!! I started to really think. usually when i'm watching TV i tend to tone down the thinking, sinc ei like to voice my opinions out load. But it was me and my bro, and we just sat there comatose for how ever long it lasted. Everything they came up with was soooooo totally rational and logical. Remeber that guy *forgets his name*...the one that was suspected by to be arrorist at the game in Old Trafford, that was soooo out of order!!! But the shoes thing was funny. lol. and Afsghar Bukhari was all about in your face and pushing you to action; and the thing he said about BUSH saying, Suicide bomber get 90 virgins in heaven for killing them selves was wacked out!! it me me and my bro laugh and glare at his wrinkled face. Well, guess that means i'm all for the terrorists...
yeh haha the 90 virgins thing was a joke init, and i was creasin wen the ol' traford dude sed 'they aint cheks ma shoes yet' wat a jkaaaaa...but the funnyest had ta be the cockney osama bin London.
70 virgins huni....yea i watched it twas funi....
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