15 June 2005

People say i'm not ok...


I start of with ...
Quote of the day : #Have You seen my childhooooood......
.......People say im not okkkkkkkkkkk#

Brownie points to whoever can tell me who sang that song. Anyone guess?...Brownie points are gettin scarce, you know you want yours.......noo...?.....i'll tell you..my dear ol' friend Mika'il Jameel, known to most people as Micheal Jackson, Wacko Jacko, didnt no how wacko he'd turn out to be when he was writing the lyrics to that song eh!!
Yeh so the brother (revert to islam inshallahhhhh) is now officially free. They were showing his whole after-trial blab on tv, which my brother was watching so intentley yesterday, and then popped up that song, over, and over, and over again. I was in hysterics, like major fits. The brother didnt know how right he was! And it is therefore, todays quote of the day!!

In other news, me and my dearest papa, just had this funny convo:

Paps : Look what i found *shows newspapaer*
Jumz : *Looks..blah*...oh yeh....(newspaper title-'More Lawyers are earning over 1 milion pounds now' -my dad wants be ta be a profesional liar..cuff lawyer )...I dont wanna be a millionaaireeeeeeeeeee
Paps : Why not?
Jumz: Bein' a millionaire is boring..hahahahhahahahaaaa
Paps : You children dont understand the value of money
Jumz : hah, *quick anjum, change the subject!!* you only buy those big broadsheet papers to look all buisinessy dont you....
Paps : No, i buy them coz im indian...they were free...

So much for value of money eh.
Hah, my dad is cute.
I bet your thinking,'everyone is cute to cricketgal'....hah...not true...calling people cute is a way of showin ma affection ( you hear that hafsaaaaaaa!! )and stop backbiting about me in your head!!!

Oh yeh, i had a maths exam too today. But no one cares about that.


salaamz Anj! how u doin? I just got back from school, wich was of course *as always...boring!*. sounds like u had a good day! lolz.
P.S- i updated my blog
yes anjuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum - i understood... but of all words, why CUTE? *shudders*
M.J is a satanist...so is Madonna...so was George Washington and Mozart............:look:
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