03 June 2005


not been on for years...DAMN THIS REVISION!!!!!!!
.....So wha gwaaan???
apart frm ma sis n Zohra enjoyin themselves in canada and Proud 2 b a muslimah goin umrah and pakistan and lyk everyone foin 2 livin islam camp....WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!I NEEED A BREAK!!!!!!I WANNA GO SUMWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i need sum sympathy....these exams are gettin me down........

they are killin me too...*sob*...but seein u online makes me happier....ahh....mwahz...ma bolton princes...*cheezy grin*...u cumin living islam right...RIGHT!!!
anj - u killin yaself... stayin up all nyt is NOT da way sista... anyways...... i want sympathy tooo i have more exams than u lot! :(
i hav 15 exams. FIFTEEN EXAMS!!!!! do these ppl think i can cope, coz clearly i cnt!!!!!!

we can sympathise w/ each ova hafsa, since SOMEBODY just wants to rub salt into the wounds *MaD*
(dnt wori Anjum...i cnt b mad at u 4 long *mWaHz*)
hey ya'll! hey sapphz! oh, dnt worry, ur examz'll go gr8 insh'allah! oh, n i found this revision thing which should make them even easier, whats ur email add ill mail them 2 ya.
oh n if ur goin living islam give dawud wharnsby my salaam yeah! lolz
but im NOT goin livin islam!im not goin anywhere *WAAAAAAAAAAA*
also i hav a job....im workin in a chemist every mondays,fridays and saturdays. Im also doing voluntary at a chemist near my house and i hav 2 go bak 2 skul at sum point to help train new student council members....and this is al after my exams!!!!!!!
waittttttttttt a sec...holdddd upp...how am i rubin blady salt in the blady wound??/ im in the same frigin positun as the rest of uuuu........ok now im even more depresed..........i dint mean to be rude :(..

...dam sience tomoro.....Allah have mercy...*sob*
15? 15? i have 17!!!! 17!!!!!!! and i've only got through 5 of em so far!!!!
quit all thw whining guys...(ahem H*f*a)....inshallah we gonna pass through this all, its just a phase of life...think of the bigger picture...and may Allah be with us all
oooooooooooh....i tink i failed maths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(english was bad, the boy sat next to me kept fartin...ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!)
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