19 July 2005


hmph. i keep getting told to post, but i am a very busy teenager, i dnt hav the time to post! im busy tryin to make circular chappatis and forget about ma gcse results wich im gettin in lyk a month. i also cnt decide wich 6th form to go to and wer to go on my b-day....

Wens ya bday..need to make thread 5 days in advance,,,lol...secondly...come to england..or living islam..yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LIVING ISLAAAAAAAM.....*faints*

ps-im back in the country :)
hey you got one cool blog, i love the hijabi banner, it's awesome!
err.....lol....that shoutbox is having some problems staying still, i'm having a hard time with that :o
28th august....yay ur bak...nope no livin islam 4 me...:(
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