07 July 2005

.....My prayers are with london

Salam guys, this is my only way to get to alll of you.....

I hope all of you and yallz families and friends are ok inshallah. MAy Allah have mercy ....if you need anything i am here...it mus be hard down there at this time....

Could yall keep me updated....the news ere aint that detailed.....

My prayers are with yall....wasalam

salaam Anj. how r u all? hope ur all ok. my family n friends are ok. I hope those ppl injured who are now in hospitals are managing ok. I hope families find their loved ones. insh'allah.
oh my gawd...these poeple are total idiots!!! they're saying that this 'arabis -islamic' site had some info on the bombing BEFORE the bombing took place. just what i was expecting!
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