12 December 2005

Wakeyyy wakeeyyyyy....

Asalamaaikum my invisible friends....

if you are out there...a holla once in a while woudnt hurt!!

so in new news....Hafsa is going to Bakistan....Anjum is *cuff*...Zohra was last [not seen] at GPU....at which P2BM apparently looked like a tree....Saffiys bro was in hopital...[ We pray he gets better qwickly ameeen ]...sOoOmA is having such a good time at 6th form she has 4got bout us...and Ya Allah what happened to Kailah?!!


I hope inshallah you are all well.....hope Ramadhan went well, Eid was alhamdulilah and its nearly time for next eid!!!....meh...during which time most of us will have exams....so good luk with the exams....take care of yaselfs and remember this sis loves yall loads.....


Anj xXx

how can i 4get u man? lol holz at last!! ACtuli termz gone well quikly. Hav soo much revision 2 do. so its back 2 exam n stress mode unfortunately. Good luck 2 ya all. Pray 4 me pweeeeez
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