02 August 2006


As yall can see, ( i cant at the moment as i aint wearing my double glazing) ....Brittistan has had a makeover. Though the old template took hours of my time...it must be addmitted, it wasnt on the positive side of good. It was quite bad. Inshallah as soon as i get more time [ which may inevitable be never] im gonna sort this one out a bit more. Until then, i urge you if you be reading this and are a BMP then post and if you are reading this and aint a BMP then coment here and i'll make you one, coz no one posts no more :(....

Ok, continue to remember me and all in your duas...Allah answers those to turn to Him inshallah. If not in this world then in the hereafter, so i sincerely pray we are all together in Jannah eternally and if you all make it and dont see me, please call my name and remember me :(....


altho this is an old post - just wanted 2 post a commnet 2 say - thanks 4 that - Hamza Yusaf alway makes a lot of sense!!


gd to see this blog still alive...a bit
what's a BMP?

and to whoever cellardoor is - the most beautiful phrase in the english language? v nice.

ash: BMP stands for British Muslimah and Proud. :P
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