29 December 2006

Just for eid


Taday 8pm -9pm GMT
Islam Channel
this sister will be making an appearance ... and mehndi'in on tv.
if you have nothing better to do and want to laugh at a nervous sister, check it out.

now all i need is some mehndi cones :look:
and a website...:gulp:

Yeah, happy eid to you all, and I don't have the islam channel.
Although we do get a channel called "Iqra".
now you tell me! :(

eid mubarak :D
aha yea i saw you on islam channel representing the mehndi applyers and the brittistan ppl :D
dang and i thought no one was watching.

lol, even my uncle in kenya saw me!!! hahaha now that is classic.

in a wierd third or fourth party way, im related to that lady. small world i guess.
what lady :confused:

me??!!! :look:
Happy Eid 2009 from all atMuslim community center Hamden
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